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Full Effect Firework Displays

Above: our firework display for the Leiston Film Theatre's 100th anniversary at Cinema in the Park, Leiston.


Full Effect Fireworks (FEF) is the new name for the firework display side of POB's Pyro Ltd. It's the same team that's behind previous POB's Pyro displays, but as we continue to grow we felt the need for a new brand name for our displays.


Below: our bonfire night display for the Heveningham Hall Firework Charity Event on 5th November 2016.


The Concept 

We are delighted to offer professional firework displays to help celebrate a special day in style. We can discuss requirements over the phone or, if you prefer, we can meet at the venue. You can either leave the planning entirely to us or we are happy to work closely with you to prepare your perfect show. As you can see by the video's on this page we can handle displays big or small!


Below: our closing display for Cinema in the Park hosted by the Leiston Film Theatre on August 20th 2016:

 "Thank you so much for your spectacular firework display - we were really thrilled. Your attention to detail and planning was great and really appreciated. We have had many emails complimenting the quality of the display."


The Cost and Content

An approximate guide we like to give is £100 per minute for a well-paced and varied display, but if you would rather specify more or less - whether it's £50 per minute or £1000 per minute - then that's perfectly fine. Our minimum spend is only £575 which is for a 5 - 6 minute display, but anything you can add on-top of that essentially buys more fireworks that make a big difference! The extra fireworks can either add more impact or extend the duration of the display. We do low noise, high noise or family friendly displays - just say your preference and we'll tailor a display around your requirements. Please note our prices are for IP1 - IP19 postcodes and other location prices may be more.

£100 per minute may seem a lot but this is actually very good value for money as a large amount of time and resources goes into designing and making the fireworks themselves. In addition, a lot of care and attention goes into the planning of each show as well as the setting up and clearing away. But rest assured that firework displays are perhaps the ultimate way to celebrate an event. We use fireworks with higher quality chemicals which means less smoke and fuller effects.

And we won't charge you extra on top of your budget for any special requests - these are all taken into account when you let us know your budget. Simply specify your budget, any special requests (such as love hearts, high impact etc.) and we will use as much pyro as we can to work within that budget.  Our prices are fully inclusive and so take into account all our other material costs, planning, insurance, preparation of the fireworks, setting up, firing and of course clearing away!

Please note however that the use of public land (i.e. the beach or a park) may incur an additional charge on-top of the firework display price. Typically this is around £50 for a park or £150 for the beach, but this may vary depending on the location. So a £575 display (our minimum display amount) on a beach would cost £575 + £150 = £725. We will always notify you well in advance of any extra costs for the hiring of land.


Below is an example of one of our £575 wedding displays, filmed from Thorpeness Country Club:


Below is an example of a £675 display, and if there is space at your venue you can have a spectacular shell finale:


Below are two separate examples of a high impact £775 display with larger calibre material throughout:


Or if you want a longer duration, below is an example of one of our Nov 5th £875 displays (filmed from ~150m away). There wasn't room at this display for a shell finale, but we still feel we achieved a high impact finish:


Please note that all displays are individually tailored and will vary based on many factors including location, weather conditions and product availability. The above displays and prices are subject to change and are for guidance only.

And just remember that all firework displays look, sound and even smell a whole lot better when viewed in person!


Insurance and safety 

We have £5 million public liability insurance for our firework displays and safety is at the heart of our displays and we leave nothing to chance. We will conduct a risk assessment of the site and surrounding area before and then again on the day of your event to make sure nothing has changed. The POB's Pyro team are trained professionals and as an additional precaution we also have an emergency first aider as part of the team.

It is also worth noting that we have had previous experience of venues not allowing firework displays but change their mind once they realise we are trained and experienced professionals with insurance. We don't mind speaking to the venue to try and put their minds at ease should you wish us to. We also offer low noise displays should noise be a factor.


For full details please email pete@pobspyro.co.uk and let Full Effect Fireworks light up the sky on your special day.



And finally here is just some of the feedback we have had recently about our firework displays:


"We just wanted to say what an amazing job you did for us on Saturday night. No-one has stopped talking about the display you did, it was huge and so professionally done. We were honestly expecting something half the size. We were completely taken aback by it."

"The POB’s Pyro Firework Display performed at my Retirement Party simply made the evening for me. The Guests were thrilled by the amazing & Professional Display performed with great attention to detail and safety throughout. Thanks to all at POB’s Pyro for such a great evenings entertainment!!"

"Many people commented that the display was one of the best they had ever seen."

"To Pete, thank you so much for the wonderful firework display. It was one of the highlights of the evening and very much enjoyed by everyone. Also thanks to your helpers."

"Many thanks to you and your team, your fireworks were truly amazing and everyone has great things to say."

"We wanted to say thank you for putting on such a great display at our wedding. The fireworks were incredible and all of our guests loved them."

"Just wanted to say a massive thank you for Saturday, the display was AMAZING and a great finale to our event. We will definitely want to book you again."

"Thank you for the amazing firework display, it was brilliant and definitely got people talking."

"We thought fireworks at our wedding would be so wonderful as you did such an amazing display last time!"


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